Beirut, 3/5/2019

The M2amara bagel that draws in strong crowds of all ages is now ready to be franchised at the best imaginable cost! Already a favorite at the Middle East’s leading Grand Cinemas movie theaters, spread in Lebanon, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan and many other countries, movie goers can enjoy their M2amara, the traditional street food modernized into healthy fast food.

This moon-looking fresh bagel with a crispy crust is worth your time, and as its name says, its crust lights up with a golden variety of hues and a slightly glossy finish on the inside.

It is inevitable that you could smell its flavor before you even have your first bite.

Available in 30 different twists, this bagel is a shape-shifter, a bagel-transformer that shifts from salty to sweet, from melting hot to ice cold, and from round to any shape you imagine.

Have you heard of a full-solution bagel? Well now you do.

To know more about the different M2amara twists, you can check out the tasty twisted menu at:

M2amara offers the lowest Franchise cost at 15 000 USD, with a full operational unit for less than 35 000 USD.

Launched as an idea to modernize Lebanese traditional food, M2amara became a new concept where food fanatics can enjoy a traditional bagel with more than a dozens of different fillings.

How can you spot M2amara?

Other than the delicious smell that helps you trace it, you can spot the brand on Bluewi the Tuk Tuk which has been designed for the sole purpose of taking M2amara to events and different locations.

To book it for your special events and parties, please visit:

The fast food industry is a great business to get involved in for many reasons.

Have you been looking to the future lately and wanting to make a big change?
Here are 5 practical reasons to invest in M2amara franchise:

  1. There Is Always a Need for Fast Food

We all crave that hot bagel with floating mouth-watering smells at some point, whether it is for a family treat or for a quick lunch during the work week. This is an area that will never be oversaturated.

  1. You Are Not Doing It Alone

One of the biggest incentives of choosing to invest in M2amara franchise is that you will have a support structure to help you get started. The franchisor offers training for you and your staff and will help you find your location and prepare for your grand opening.

  1. You Get Brand Power

By choosing to go into the fast food franchise, you will benefit from sharing in the brand recognition.

While certain foods are the staple of the food industry like burgers, chicken sandwiches, steak sandwiches and fries, there are a lot of ways you can spice things up to keep your customers interested. Be a franchisee with M2amara for an extra explosion of taste and a unique mix and match of flavors.

  1. Today’s Fast Food Franchises Are Evolving

As customers’ desires have changed, fast food places are also evolving to keep up with the quick rhythm.

  1. More Opportunities to Expand

M2amara Franchisor can also offer you more opportunities to expand and they will help you every step of the way.

  1. Low cost and Unique

M2amara franchise is unique with an extremely attractive concept, shifting from traditional to traditional with a twist and shifting from the regular food truck trend to the Bluewi funky vehicle which will definitely attract kids and adults alike.

Do you want to own a franchise?

It is a great way to be your boss, but without having to create everything from scratch for yourself.

People want to try products that they know they will like. A sense of familiarity is very attractive to a lot of people. They appreciate knowing what to expect from the types of food, quality of service as well as hours of operation and layout design, this is why M2amara is the perfect choice for a franchise.

You can take advantage of the food truck craze or you can go more unique with Bluewi the Tuk Tuk serving M2amaras.

One popular type of food franchise are food trucks or Bluewis, they are a great opportunity especially for people new to running a business. Generally, they require a smaller initial investment than a franchise with a physical location and you won’t need to hire as many employees at least at first.

Another great thing about this industry is that there are so many different ways you can attract customers. People around the country are choosing ambulant food services for their special events everything from birthday parties and picnics to weddings.

Take your pick of fantastic M2amara desserts, we’ve got plenty to choose from, whether you like your dessert moist, scented, or fancy, we have got you covered.

Need a Passover treat? Layers of crispy nuts, chocolate, and toasted hazelnuts make those M2amara desserts something truly special!

Hands up if you love your salt-tooth! You will adore our extra rich salty M2amaras as they are the perfect balance of decadence and simplicity!

M2amara is definitely a crowd-pleasing treat any time of the year.

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